Life on Campus

UNC Asheville students with live mascot bulldog Rocky

What’s happening today at UNC Asheville? What isn’t? From intramural sports to art exhibitions, from career workshops to concerts, from outdoor trips to impressive guest lectures – there’s something to grab your attention and get you moving.

Truth is, life on campus is whatever you make it. The opportunities are here — to engage and get involved or just chill if that’s more your style. Are you interested in going Greek? Want to get your hands dirty and volunteer? Ready to take the stage? Find your passion and a few lifelong friends along the way.

Of course, sometimes you’re just seeking after basic knowledge as well — like what’s for dinner, how to get a light bulb changed in your room or when’s the next Bulldog home game. We’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget the world right outside campus as well. Whether you’re discovering the great outdoors while caving and kayaking or enjoying every corner of Asheville, it’s impossible to run out of stuff to do in this amazing city. Add world-class dining, shopping and nightlife, and your off-campus schedule is as booked as you’d like it to be.